Adult picture swapping - Whos dating paula abdul

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Back then he was dating sweetheart Paula Abdul who herself was riding the rainbow of fame.

They were adorable and Arsenio has always insisted that no matter what transpired between them, Paula is his girl and he loves her to death.

He was just amazing."Fabulous in Their 50s (Photos)]" data-reactid="29"She has a lot of famous exes.

In addition to her two-year marriage to actor Emilio Estevez, which ended in 1994, Paula had relationships with a gaggle of other celebs including Keanu Reeves, who appeared in her 1991 video for her ballad "Rush, Rush," and comic-turned-talk-show-host Arsenio Hall, who she met while choreographing "Coming to America" and put in her 1988 video for her hit "Straight Up." "I know that everybody has opinions about Paula and what she's about, but my experiences with her … there's nothing more important than having a woman get your sense of humor. And for your woman to pee is like a standing ovation."" data-reactid="46"She has a lot of famous exes.

Just a short time after she got the gig as a Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader as a teenager, a rather famous family spotted her strutting her stuff at a game and hired her to choreograph a music video.