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Molly Horan Molly Horan was an editorial intern at Mashable.

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(He also enjoys retweeting fans admitting their childhood crush on him, because that sort of thing has to be nice.)Like his character from the film, however, he apparently does still skate a bunch, as well as skis and snowboards.

He enjoys skateboarding, and was also a member of a sponsored skating team in his hometown.

In 1996, Smith began acting at age six, appearing on several television series, including Walker, Texas Ranger, Party of Five, and Step by Step.

I fell in love with those characters and their predicaments.

It’s very rich territory, playing a young man who can’t be himself. Again, I don’t like how a lot of writers portray young men my age, but those characters actually experienced life in a deep way as opposed to going out and making things miserable for other people.

Like your old elementary school classmates who compel you to look them up on Facebook, you might wonder what all the Baker kids have been up to.