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Liquefaction of gases; critical state; van der Waals equation and critical phenomenon Intermolecular forces and entropy of vaporization; Trouton Structural Geology Description . Experimental deformation of rocks interpretation of advanced exercise maps and elementary survey of maps. Elements of crystallography and optical mineralogy. Methods of aerial photography; vertical and oblique photographs. Nature, classification, occurrence, distribution and genesis of common igneous rocks. Application of chemical principles and experimental methods. Distribution, rock record, heat sources and atmospheres.

Mechanical properties of rocks and dynamics of rock deformation. Prerequisities SGL 201, SGL 202, SGL 203, SGL 204 Historical Geology.

The library is also networking with libraries from recognized international institutions of higher learning, thus enabling students to access relevant up to date academic literature as fresh as shown through internet. Nature, origin, occurrence, distribution, production and uses. Energy resources; oil, gas, coal and geothermal resources. A combination of theory, field and laboratory work on elements of field surveying and plane tabling; airphoto interpretation of topographical and geological features; methods and techniques of geological field observations and interpretations. Chemical dispersion of pollutants, pollution and health. Construction materials and their properties, site investigation, geology of reservoirs, dam sites, tunnels, open excavations and foundations.

The Faculty of Education is housed in the College of Education and External Studies in a serene scenic environment 21Km northwest of Nairobi. Outstanding events in the evolution of living things. Geological Mineral Exploration And Mining Description .

The collision theory and unimolecular reactions; the transition state and the steady state approximation theory of reaction rates; complex reactions Inorganic Chemistry 5 (transition Elements And Organometallic Chemistry) Description . Solutions near regular singular po Algebra Ii Description .