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I haven’t used it for any instruments, but when it comes to vocals this thing is a beast.

After recording vocals through the Presonus Studio Channel Preamp I don’t have to do much work getting them to fit in the mix.

It’s different from personal lubricants because it doesn’t have to be applied right before sex. The instructions say you may experience dead skin cell discharge in the days following the application. It is best to resume using Replens a few days after your period has completely stopped. You can also order it online from most drugstores and you can buy it directly from the Replens site as well. Having enough lubrication during sex can help prevent yeast infections as well as other types of vaginal infections, so I decided to give it a try. For the first few weeks I had the dead skin cell discharge. It came out in large amounts on my underwear as well as during sex.

Many women prefer to use Replens moisturizer at night before bed. Replens does not contain any spermicides, therefore it isn’t a form of birth control. It can be purchased at most drugstores and also at Walmart and Target. The lubrication was a little thick and not quite as slippery as I would have liked. My husband and I had to go rinse off several times during sex because the white clumps were all over the place.

I also sometimes experienced an itching sensation right after insertion.