australia dating love personals - Updating nividia geforce 3100 drivers

Im trying to figure out why it works for some but not others so that I can better build the guide to help anyone with an Nvidia graphics card. The link for the driver can be found at the bottom of the tutorial.

I dont work with AMD cards much witch is why I dont have a tutorial up for those using AMD for better performance. The drivers 270 and above suffer from bugs and issues that come from Nvidia readying the drivers for Cuda 4.0 but Cuda 4.0 is not finished yet so these bugs are side effects of it not being included.

After this your driver is installed and you shouldn't have any issues.

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February 14th, 2012 - Updated Drivers list, Driver Recommendation.

February 26th, 2012 - Updated Driver list for WHQL release of 295.73 drivers, Driver Recommendation Updated.

-Fujitsu notebooks are not supported by this release (Fujitsu Siemens notebooks are supported).

When installing drivers I would suggest going to the Custom section instead of standard and checking the box at the bottom that says Clean install.

This makes the game render the textures and store them for use on your GPUs memory instead of your systems memory.


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