Tick dating older and wiser

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But really we let the ladies think that we think that they think they are complicated so that way you can tell us you're not. when you can stay out all night and chat about anything or just goof around and the time flies by too fast for words. There is no point in figuring out what makes women tick. As far as flowers I randomly send them if I feel shes the type that likes that type of thing ^^ And as far as money and stuff goes yes, in my observations money, power, nice car is important to them.

I think that make sense : SI can't speak for all women in general, but I do believe that a majority of us want the same thing. times like that really get me going.bad its so rare that i actually click with guys in that way...theres only been a rare few that seemed to fit.anyway...again this question depends entirely on the situation, the girl as well as the guy. But I think the ones its important to are the ones that are materialistic and the ones you wont get very far in a relatoinship with.

We want you to fight for us, protect us, and treat us like you would die for us. Id rather tell them Im broke and have no care regardless of if I am or not. Do what feels right and dont much to what others say.

We want you to be happy with us when we are happy, and cry with us when we cry [figuratively speaking, if not literally possible]. And we want you to want us for sex because you think we are hot. Each man has his own advice and usually only works for him in such cases!

In addition, Tick has a complicated friendship with John Voss, an emotionally disturbed boy at school.