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Then his team met one-on-one with the influencers and asked them for input.

What they brought to the table, he said, was a better fit for both parties than what Telus had planned, and ultimately made for a better showcase of the brand.

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He listed the telecom’s recent “The Giving Effect” campaign as an example.

Initially, the company met with its agency and came up with concepts for the influencers it was working with (including panelist and blogger Casie Stewart) to create.

I love shopping and spending quality time with good people who like to have fun.

I'm a hair stylist, in Barrie, and have most evenings free to go out on the town! It would depend on what the other person was interested in, maybe come up with something together - such as drinks and a movie or dinner or something.

In the dating world, you have to date around before you find a relationship that feels right – and the same goes for influencer marketing.