Tboz dating dalvin from jodeci

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They are probably the most adventurous couple [grinning] but, I realized that Brandon is that puzzle piece Left Eye was always talking about. T-Boz : [nodding] She would always say "Each part of my dream life needs a puzzle piece.

T-Boz : Well their relationship is like Martin and Gina.

But she's constantly coming up with new dreams, so instead of a four piece puzzle, she might end up with a 100 piece. [taps pen against leg] now, as I'm sure you've heard, people have said your group member was crazy because of the fire incident. T-Boz : [thinks] Well dag, yeah they have actually.

I know one of her little puzzle pieces was to have children, so we have to wait and see for that.

Classic Devante.😍😍Seems like De's skin has always been smooth as hell like i've never seen him with a pimple. Considering the fact that De has said that he's addicted to tattoos, if having it makes him happy I have no problem with it, but besides that I rather his face stay clear but he looks good with or without it.