Sql management studio intellisense not updating

Our remote SQL Server was recently upgraded to 2014.

I installed SQL Server Management Studio 2014 on my Windows 10 client computer. Suppose I'm typing The moment I type the period, I expect Intelli Sense to list the available tables, as it always does.

This will refresh your cache and now your query will be happy with you.

The version of SQL Server Management Studio that ships with SQL Server2008 comes with Intelli Sense enabled, I still think Intelli Sense is sometimes more in my way than it is useful but I won’t bore you with that.

What will eventually happen is that if you create new tables and stored procedures Intelli Sense will not know about those, when this happens you have to refresh the local Intelli Sense cache for it to Refresh Local Cache Or you can just hit the CTRL SHIFT R shortcut.

I checked the obvious: Troubleshooting Intelli Sense (SQL Server Management Studio) reconfirmed what I already knew and didn't help. This is not a duplicate because while other forum posts list the above steps as "answers" they are not answers for me.

They do not solve the problem of intermittent Intelli Sense. It's unpredictable but frequent enough to hamper productivity.

While you could close and reopen Management Studio (but who wants to do that?