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For NW movement, you’d get a set of curves each with a single hump but at different times.For SW movement you’d get a much wider range of curves, where some showed no rain and others showed half a day or all day.But funds with low fees in the past will probably have low fees in the future, and funds with high fees in the past will probably have high fees in the future.

If it were moving south-east (as it is), small uncertainties in the motion and orientation mean that you know it will rain for a long time , but not exactly where.

One way to communicate the difference between these two predictions would be to show a set of possible realisations of rainfall.

Especially as further down in the story we hear about the equivalent dose of kumara in humans and that the kumara seems to have most potential as a way to produce a concentrated extract.

So far, there’s not much evidence either way on whether anthocyanins (basically, purple food other than beets or dragonfruit) really prevent cancer in humans.

About one in ten thousand people is born with the mutation that the mice had — these people have the mutation in every cell in their bodies, and they all get colon cancer if they don’t have major surgery.