Red flags in dating relationships

If you're significant other doesn't seem interested in your path through life or what makes you , it may be a sign that they don't see you as a person so much as thing (partner, lover, arm candy)," says Hunt Ethridge, a certified dating coach and co-founder of International Dating Coach Association."If your needs aren't getting met, your partner isn't invested in your happiness — it's as simple as that," Johnson says.

"Making sure you're getting what you need in the relationship should be just as important to your partner as making sure they get what they need.""When calls and texts go unanswered for hours and days at a time, this is often a sign that you're not a high priority in your partner's life," says Richards-Smith.

Pay attention not just to the words he uses, but also to the looks he gives, the tones behind his words, and his behaviors," says Natasha Sandy, a counselor and therapist at You Matter.

"All of these things make a world of difference when it comes to whether or not he respects and loves you."RELATED: 8 Habits Couples Therapists Say Always End A Marriage"When your partner is undermining of your accomplishments or efforts, it shows how deeply insecure they are," Dr. "This kind of person sees everything as a competition and needs you to do less well than them to feel good about themself.""If your partner uses words or actions to make you feel small, inadequate, or unimportant, it may constitute as or develop into verbal and emotional abuse.

Instead of wondering why, initiate a conversation about your desire to connect with the other important people in your partner's life.""Having problematic relationships with their parents or describing them as 'toxic' may be a sign that this person is still entangled in the drama of the past.


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