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Best of luck with your research endeavours—and don’t hesitate to contact Reference Services if you have any questions related to searching for patent applications, or other archival documents held at Library and Archives Canada.

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The employer must also take the necessary measures to control asbestos dust emissions before undertaking work on materials or products containing asbestos, including flocking and heat insulating material.

In this respect, the Finally, the employer must train and inform the workers of the risks, prevention and safe working methods relevant to the work to be done prior to undertaking work liable to produce asbestos dust emissions.

The original patents of invention series includes applications that originated in present-day Ontario and Quebec dating back as far as 1824.

Two publications, the Index of Inventors and Inventions for Canadian Patents, 1824–1872 and the List of Canadian Patents, from the Beginning of the Patent Office, June, 1824, to the 31st of August, 1872 serve as the finding aids for this series.

In Quebec, it is possible to find materials and products containing asbestos in civil engineering works, construction materials, facilities and equipment in all types of buildings, whether industrial, commercial, public or residential.