Pros and cons of consolidating federal student loans speed dating in plymouth ma

For the most part, student loan consolidation is a good move for many graduates.

It makes the payments more manageable, and if you plan your repayment strategy (without keeping the loan until term), you can save money overall.

When I finished my graduate degree, I had five different student loans for attendance at two different universities, with various interest rates.

You have the advantage of a lower interest rate and a manageable payment.

Then, when you can afford it, you can boost your efforts to repay your debt.

Since my student loan interest rate is so low, I am reluctant to speed up its repayment; investing my money offers returns that beat my low, low student loan rate.

I’m more inclined to focus on my husband’s student loans than my own, since he has a higher rate.

But you have to do the research to make sure it is the right choice for you.