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In addition, the present work comprehensively separates the antique parts of the frieze from the additions made during the late Renaissance for the first time and thus provides a solid basis for future archaeological and art historical evaluations. After completing his studies he was research assistant at the Morphomata International Center for Advanced Studies and in three projects of the German Archaeological Institute as well as a trainee of the State Office for National Heritage Conservation in the Rhineland.

He also participated in various excavations and campaigns in Germany, Italy and North Africa.

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Das vorliegende Buch basiert auf seiner Dissertation, die zwischen 20 an der Universitt zu Kln entstanden ist. South Yorkshire and the North Midlands have long been ignored or marginalized in narratives of British Prehistory.

Remembered Places, Forgotten Pasts The Don Drainage Basin in Prehistory by Tim Cockrell. In Remembered Places, Forgotten Pasts, largely unpublished data is used for the first time in a work of synthesis to reconstruct the prehistory of the earliest communities across the River Don drainage basin.

German Description: Die Reliefs der Marcussule in Rom bilden seit Langem vielfach verwendete Vorlagen zur Illustration rmischer Soldaten.

Doch obwohl in den letzten Dekaden mehrere Fundpltze am Donaulimes aufgearbeitet wurden, an denen zahlreiche Militaria aus den Markomannenkriegen zutage gekommen sind, fehlt bislang ein Vergleich zwischen den Arbeiten der offiziellen rmischen Staatskunst und den archologischen Bodenfunden.

xii 222 pages; illustrated throughout in colour and black & white (10 colour plates). The author uses a relational approach to account for the complex and sophisticated interaction between people and materiality.