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It was a relief from the hammering she's been taking.It's a disease, but one that people don't have enough compassion about.In the filming of it, there were many more lines and we took them out.

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It's this religious undertone of the final episode that starts at the church and when she's washing the feet of Vinny Raven [the drug addict Jackie treated in the finale] because all souls deserve to be treated at All Saints. It never lets you go; it's Jackie's dark passenger.

Eddie (Paul Schulze) winds up covering for Jackie and is going to jail. When Jackie and Kevin are talking about the rough patch they had before their wedding, is that meant to foreshadow the kind of marriage Jackie and Eddie would have? What we were showing was Kevin (Dominic Fumusa) is at ease with Jackie for the first time in years.

The ending needed to be shocking and surprising, yet if you play it backwards, it all makes sense." And the finale opens with a call-back to the pilot when Jackie says, "Make me good" — though in the pilot she says "not yet." Is this her way of saying she's ready to die?

How does this ending make sense if you play it backwards? We planted a lot of stuff in the last episode, in that scene where Jackie steps out of the bathroom and takes off her stethoscope and puts it on the counter with her watch and ID card and she steps outside and is walking down the street, she's anonymous among all these other people.

The final table read for the final season, everybody — and I read the narration — wept our way through 30 minutes of reading.