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Although these well-known investigations have thoroughly demonstrated that physical attraction is positively regarded, other research has employed advanced methodological designs in order to analyze physical attractiveness.Diverse methodologies have been employed by a separate era of social scientists dedicated to understanding physical attraction.And the anticipation that they will regret their choice increases.”Source: Hall JA, Compton BL.

An examination of previous literature devoted to physical attraction, the effects of a single positive stimulus, and the effects of a single negative stimulus was undertaken because of their relevance to the present research.

A contemporary method of dating was employed as a methodological tool for analyzing perceptions.

The specific component of physical attraction measured criteria such as the handsomeness, sexiness, and grooming of a fellow interlocutor (Mc Croskey & Mc Cain, 1974).

For example, extant literature has demonstrated that individuals normally experience physical attraction for individuals who possess a symmetrical facial appearance and/or a fit body physique (Huston, 1974).

Have online match sites and dating apps left you perpetually unlucky in love? New research from the University of Kansas has found that it's hard to gauge if you find someone attractive from a photograph alone.