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The Committee declined to give an explicit definition of what it considered “pornography,” prin¬cipally because there is no accepted definition in the community at large.

It acknowledged the validity of the idea that pornography should be distinguished from erotica, and agreed that, although it is violent pornography that is of most concern, to some extent there is a continuum from apparently mild sexually offensive material to violent material.

Pornography, according to this view, is material that condones or encourages sexual debasement.

Such a distinction cuts across conventional definitions because it means that very explicit sexual depictions can be called “erotica,” while sexual material with relatively unexplicit but demeaning content can be called “pornography.” At the same time, much conventional pornography depicts naked women, and it is argued that such material perpetrates images of women as sexual objects and, thus, can victimize women directly and indirectly.

Except for a 1993 amendment regarding “child pornography,” the criminal law does not use the word “pornography” but rather “obscenity.” Some people consider any depiction of nudity or sexual activity to be pornographic.