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But even the most difficult things in my life are riddled with comedy, like how hard I tried to have a child. I also throw in the fact that I'm in my 40s and how I don't want to admit that.

Plus there's all the reaction and the criticism I get because I'm not married. Meanwhile, everyone's still looking for their 10 percent commission. Are you one of those actors who hates reality TV and all it stands for?

I know about Thom Bierdz, Susan Flannery, Paul Anthony Stewart, Crystal Chappell (she's married to a man, but has said she's bi), Van Hansis, Cybill Sheppard's daughter (her name escapes...

Watch the episode on to find out the meaning behind his name, and how Stuart’s wife deals with his love scenes.

Original Story June 27: "General Hospital's" Michelle Stafford (Port Charles' Nina Reeves) has launched yet another side project, this one a podcast titled "Single Mom a Go-Go." The podcast launches tonight in a link to be shared on Stafford's twitter account.

She also launched her own skincare line Coco Luxe by Michelle Stafford.

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I don't have regrets because it was a very thought-out decision, not based on any kind of emotion, and a decision that took me a couple of years to reach. They want to blame your exit on [exec producer] Jill Phelps or [head writer] Josh Griffith. But, if people are pissed, I can see why they might find Jill and Josh an easy target. And I am being punished with the way they wrote out Phyllis! You know, it's kind of unnatural to be an actor on a soap and pretend to be another person for so many years.