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Meanwhile, she was honing her program; the teaching package that would ultimately became Stripcraft.

It took nearly two years, but once she landed on her message, she was ready to unroll it. “I wanted to create this fun, sexy world of expression and sisterhood, absent of the male gaze,” says Lux, “so while I was stacking this cash at the club, I considered myself like a cultural Robin Hood; robbin’ from the old dudes to fund my feminist empire.” Now, she leads two-day lap dance and booty-shaking workshops everywhere from Scottish castles to Smokey Mountain log cabins, tours the country as a guest instructor at pole dance studios, offers an online version of Stripcraft for those who would prefer to learn at home, hosts a weekly podcast called , and is working on a book based on her experiences.

But a new generation of women is tearing that stigma down and changing the game.

Harnessing sensuality, creativity and business acumen, these ladies are channeling their sexual experiences into art and building profitable businesses in the process.

“Our government is letting us the fuck down,” she says of the current state of sex-ed.