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The arrival of the software and hospitality sectors in Kolkata during the early years of this century was greatly responsible for its economic revival after an almost three-decade period of stagnation.

The establishment of the IT zone in Sector V of Salt Lake was the first step in welcoming back the private and multinational companies.

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The adjacent township of Salt Lake is in fact home to several culture hubs like Swabhumi and the Eastern Zonal Cultural Center which showcase the best of visual, performing and ethnic arts in the region.

These venues regularly host plays, music and dance performances during evenings and on weekends which in fact turn into popular meeting places for the young men and women of Kolkata.

Like all the biggest metropolitan cities, Kolkata too has a sizeable chunk of migrants in its population.

Most of the migrants are comprised of laborers and blue collar workers from the neighboring states of Bihar, Orissa, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

It is only very recently with the boom in IT and ITES sectors in Kolkata that professionals and trainees from other parts of India are setting up base in the city.


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