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Regardless of its veracity, the footage does serve as evidence for the incredibly difficult task facing UFO researchers in today's modern technologically savvy world.When any clever hoaxer can produce stunning footage using simple filmmaking software, how can any piece of video evidence for UFOs truly be believed?But he had something none of the other vendors had: an ultra-portable, all-in-one production system he could take with him – the Tri Caster Mini – and deliver a live demonstration in their own offices, with their own video sources.

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According to Sefu, both systems are in a single control room which serves as a combined production control and master control room.

“The Tri Caster 8000 is used for productions from the studio and from the mosque,” he says.

Ironically, the proliferation of cell phone cameras may have led to a bevy of new UFO footage appearing on a constant basis, but it seems to have only made the phenomenon even more complex rather than providing the 'smoking gun' researchers have sought for decades.

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“There are misconceptions of how people relate to Muslims, so we wanted to have our own narrative,” says Ali Mwachuo, general manager and head of Production at the mosque. Production in Action Maula Sefu, Technical Support Engineer with video production specialists (and New Tek Elite reseller) Highway Audio Visual, is based in Nairobi and made contact with the Jamia Mosque.