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Others might be willing to be friends or at least acquaintances if the breakup was amicable - Dongwoo, Hoya.

I think Sungyeol and Sungjong would be hard to work out, and it would really depend on the person they broke up with, how long they were together, etc etc. Well, you can check out mine (but I guess if you’re here asking me, you’ve already read them).

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What side dishes they like — (L answered that he hadn’t been eating food high in sodium, like kimchi jjigae, because he had been working out), what buzzword was popular among them — (It seemed like there wasn’t anything that could beat ‘Are you an ama? Hoya said that he often says his own buzzword, ‘Truly, I thank you.’) At a normal magazine interview, we wouldn’t have asked such questions.

Which member fits the image of the album’s title track ‘Bad’ the most, and which member the least?

With this court ruling, MADTOWN is no longer bound by the terms of their contracts; GNI Entertainment no longer has the authority to enforce the contract terms, nor can they raise issue with the members’ individual entertainment activities.

(x) Woollim stated: First, we would like to sincerely thank the fans who love and cherish the group INFINITE.

so the question is when will you post the new scenario? i've read all your scenario and kinda love the way you pop up your story. Rest assured I will hopefully be posting in the next month, and it’s hopefully a Myungsoo scenario.