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Levchin grew up in Soviet Russia and had the same knack, that same innate ability to understand how machines worked.He learned to code on whatever he could find– calculators, pen and paper, old Soviet microcomputers.Appropriately, I got that name off the most recent 419 email I found in my spam folder.

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There were things he could just do that no other kids– let alone adults– could understand.

By the time he was five-years-old everyone had stopped questioning it, and neighbors were calling on him to fix their broken toasters, irons, or anything that was the least bit mechanical.

When his family moved to America, he rebuilt things he found in dumpsters too.

Watching the nightly news on a old black-and-white TV helped teach him English. He once got in trouble with the FBI for cracking video game codes for a Chicago crime boss.

Only most would say he met the wrong kind of people.