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Using Telegram to improve pronunciation Telegram is an app you can easily download to your computer and smart phone.It allows you to communicate via text and voice messages.

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The winners of the latest Teaching English blog award, Elena Mutonono and Veronika Palovska, share some practical ideas for using two popular chat apps with your adult learners.

Chat apps as a new tool for learning and collaboration Pay attention to the way your students interact with each other, and you will notice they spend much of their time texting, using a variety of free apps, such as Whats App, Telegram, Snapchat, Facebook, Slack, and others.

Telegram is particularly useful outside the online classroom to encourage additional practice and skills development.

Chats help students become autonomous learners as they begin noticing their own mistakes and self-correct sooner.

Voice messaging is a relatively new feature, but helps your students improve their speaking and pronunciation skills by recording their answers in the chats.