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A joint account must be opened by the account holders at the same time.

“It’s literally like a joint liability account,” Gupta says.

Rose says lawsuits involving authorized users and joint account holders are common.

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“But he’s the one in the line of fire.” CREDIT CARD SEARCH: Find the best credit card for you.

Rose’s client is not alone in his difficulties with sharing a credit card account.

“She, in turn, shopped him into the poor house, buying clothes, furniture and jewelry that neither of them can pay off,” says William J.

Rose II, a Santa Monica attorney who specializes in credit collection cases and is representing the man.

“Usually, authorized users have no idea what’s going on and, while they aren’t responsible for the debt and can’t even take their names off the account on their own, they could get hit with the negative trade line on their own credit report and get a lower credit score,” Williams says.