Ferrari 88 dating

First introduced in 1973 as a replacement for the 246 Dino GTS, the 308 GT/4 was the first in a line of mid-engined Ferrari V8s.By 1985 the final incarnation of the transverse V8 launched.It remains a highly sought after sports car almost two decades after its introduction.

The new engine powered a model-range of Ferraris that still runs to this day at the Maranello works, the current 488 being the latest iteration.

....[continue reading] errari's removable roof 328 GTS (along with the fixed roof 328 GTB) debuted at the 1985 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Ferrari's challenge was to consolidate market share gained through 1970s and early 80s by improving an icon without alienating its acolytes.

The 328 easily became the most successful model in Ferrari's history to that time.

Contributing to the illusion is an optional body-color rear spoiler to guide air over the rear of the cabin.