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If you do not abide by the rules, you will be asked to leave.The facility is acoustically challenging, and we need your cooperation.If a student-athlete cannot be found, the time will be deleted for that day, and your coach will be notified.

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be completed in the Cox Communications Academic Center.

Cox Communications Academic Center (CCACSA) is an environment that is conducive to learning.

You are allowed to check e-mail and use it for homework, projects, and assignments only.

Facebook.com, Mysapce.com, Badjocks.com, porn, chat, games, etc. You may lose your computer privileges if you have repeat offenses. If you use a thumb drive, please save your workon your thumb drive and remember to take it with you once you have finished. Once again, the computer lab is for academic related work Please turn them off when you enter your tutoring session, mentoring session, or library.

Tutor rooms are exactly what they say that are for.