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There are scores of places where this little instrument is highly practical in the school room, the small apartment, and the den, or on the veranda of the summer home. It is a full-fledged upright piano, built to meet every exacting cable standard of quality and workmanship.

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This construction is endorsed by ugh musical authorities providing the means for the most artistic rendition capable of the greatest expression and showing a perfection and finish in workmanship that in itself is why this company was the first to guarantee its play mechanism for five years. This is an honored name in the annals of music in America, being closely associated with the love and development of music in the American home. Jonas Chickering, the founder, was born at Mason Village, New Hampshire, in April 1796, where, after a sound schooling, he thoroughly learned the business of cabinetmaking.

and not as a collection of assembled parts maunder varying standards of other factories. Chase pianos have always been known for splendid workmanship. This illustrious firm, the oldest piano house in the United States, has been at all times in the forefront and has received world wide recognition for its part in developing the pianoforte on distinctive lines.

While the merits of musical instruments manufactured nearly a century ago are now not necessarily affected by the commercial standing or historical record of their makers. To him must be ascribed the invention of the full iron plate for grand pianos recorded in 1837.

Consequently, prospective piano buyers usually desire to know something concerning these points. This invention was accepted by the scientific world as one of far reaching importance; indeed, it proved to be the foundation of all modern piano construction, for without it the sonorous grands of today would not have been impossible.

Instruments having this construction bear the trademark "Crowns stay." The Cable Reproducing Grand has all the merits of the regular Cable Grand, including the famous "Crown stay" construction.