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Then she takes a bath with herbs, including dried chickory and allspice, from a mixture given to her by the woman at the local botanica.

(She doesn't know Spanish well, but she's getting to know that too.

At the last instant the frisbee hits the flying mass, altering its trajectory. They play cards, and have a little wine, and Adele teases him about the overdone chicken. She likes even more that she's not thinking about how lonely she's been. There's a rabbit's foot keychain attached to the bed railing, which he strokes before returning his attention to her. She closes her eyes and lets herself forget for awhile. They are careful not to use the language of any particular faith; this is still New York.

Freezing fruit flavors splatter the naked backs of a row of sunbathers nearby, much to their dismay. She sits down hard on the grass, her heart pounding, while the sunbathers scream and the cart-man checks to see if the boy is okay and the pigeons converge. A four-leafed clover is growing there, at her fingertips. At the corner of her block, she sees a black cat lying atop a garbage can. In one pot, eggplant and herbs; she has planted the clover in this. In the big one, tomatoes and a scraggly collard that she's going to kill if she keeps harvesting leaves so quickly. He looks surprised as he opens it, but pleased to see her. So they retire to his bedroom and there's awkwardness and she's shy because it's been awhile and you do lose some skills without practice, and he's clumsy because he's probably been developing bad habits from porn, but eventually they manage. He swears he's clean, and she's on the pill, but... Alternative events are being planned all over the city for those who don't want to come under the evangelical tent.

In the mornings, Adele girds herself for the trip to work as a warrior for battle.


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