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“It’s hard no matter what to find a quality man, to find chemistry, and for some reason, to find a guy with a job—even in New York City!

” It’s hard, but it’s not only about the disability.

Each hat plays a role in her mission, which can be summed up by the excellent hashtag she coined: #disabilityisthenewblack. What I’m doing just feels really right and intrinsically fulfilling and like it’s what I’m meant to do,” says the undeniably glamorous doctor, clad in a black pinstripe suit with fur-topped shiny loafers.

Her fashion sense is more obvious than her wheelchair.

” and “Who’s going to desire me sexually when my body is so different from the norm? Her practice with her clients is largely informed by her own dating experiences.

“A lot of dating problems are universal,” she explains.

Danielle always loved putting outfits together and shopping. Looking great in public is important to Danielle because “a lot of people have still never seen someone in a wheelchair, so I want the imprint in their mind to veer as far away from the stereotypes of frumpiness as possible.” Danielle is a super in-demand shrink, working with clients from all over the country.