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However while checking the ship, they find a stowaway, a kid by the name of Anaguma whose come to kill them for the bounty though find that's impossible after witnessing the crew's strength and power and thus sails along with them for the race.

After a few more encounters one involving the pirate ship of Vigero the Hangman and sea kings, the Straw Hats arrive at Partia, the supposed finish line of the race.

The movie starts with a marine ship that is caught in a large storm with numerous cannons firing at a then unnamed pirate ship.

As the crew approaches the ending of the tunnel an old man approaches, Nami shows him the coins and he lets them through.

Inside they find themselves in a large cave filled with pirates, their flags proudly displaying their crew.

While Nami registers the crew for the race, Luffy get involved in a fight against Gasparde's crew along with an infamous bounty hunter by the name of Shuraiya Bascùd, as well as meets Gasparde himself which of course ends on bad terms.

The next morning the crew set sail along with many other pirate ships for the parade start which involves sailing off a waterfall, fighting off other pirates, and navigating sharp turns before even reaching the ocean, several pirate crews are wrecked,luckily the Straw Hats manage.

However it turns out to be a marine stronghold that quickly sinks any incoming pirate ships.


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