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Easier by far to hate and reject a mother outright than to see beyond her to the forces acting upon her.” No woman asks to be born at the wrong time, but each and every woman is.

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Dating man older site web woman younger

I remain a long way from claiming my own pension but for women born in the 1950s, changes first mooted a quarter century ago are starting to have a serious effect.

According to a recent report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, today’s increasing female state pension age has boosted government finances by £5.1bn per year, but left 1.1 million women in their sixties worse off by an average of £32 per week. If this is equality, how come it feels so darn unfair?

It’s interesting that all this is being done to women at a time of supposed gender revolution.

The voices raised in honour of smashing the patriarchy seem strangely muted when it comes to issues such as pensions poverty and the ongoing legacy of women having taken years out of the paid work.

Feminism was made for women like me, who didn’t identify with self-sacrifice and servitude (which older women, I would tell myself, quite obviously did).