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[Read: 10 perfect questions to ask your boyfriend to make him feel involved] #2 Get your own life.

Sometimes, a guy’s just got to realize your true worth to sit up and realize just how lucky he is.

You can only make him realize the benefits of changing himself. Instead, let him see how much better the relationship can get when both of you take small initiatives to keep the relationship exciting and fun. Plan things to do as a couple, and give him a few days notice so he doesn’t whine about it being a last minute decision. But for better or worse, you can’t base your level of happiness on someone else’s expectations from happiness. Are other boyfriends more caring and less lazy than the one you’re dating? And most importantly, if your boyfriend fails to change himself to make you happy, is that something you can overlook or live with for the rest of forever?

It’s the only one you can think of to point out that you’re dating someone who doesn’t make you happy.

So before you point your finger at his laziness or lack of interest in experiencing new things together, make sure you’re not just skimming the surface of a much larger issue.

So for now, let’s try to figure out when your fun boyfriend started to turn into a boring and lazy lump. You may not realize it yourself, but more often than not, a girl can at times make her boyfriend feel lazy and inadequate because she makes him feel like he’s never good enough for her.

[Read: 15 sweet ways to make your guy feel needed and wanted] At first, he may try. But when you place the straw that breaks his back by constantly picking flaws no matter how hard he tries to show you he’s fun, he may just turn into an ass that would rather be stubborn and lazy, than try to do something he knows won’t live up to your expectations.

He didn’t just make you happy, he probably awed you with his awesomeness. Is it a case of fading infatuation, or are you just dating a guy who’s completely wrong for you?