Dating a swiss army watch

Note that these modifications built upon studies ongoing from 2008 at least: the plan, known as “Future Army Structure: Next Steps”.

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However, many of the Bulldogs will be retired earlier as part of the draconian cuts to the armoured vehicles fleet that will come in Planning Round 2011 and be implemented in the successive 18 months.

In my plan, this Battalion will thus lose the Bulldog, and become an “elite” “High-Mobility” Mechanized Battalion using the Warthog vehicle.

Each Brigade will have an organic Formation RECCE Regiment, which will replace its Scimitar with the FRES SV Scout from 2015.

A Tank regiment with Challenger II MBTs will also figure in the force structure, and the Brigade will have a Royal Artillery Regiment with the AS90 gun for fire support.

The Army Reserve plan is revealed - Restructuring of the Reserves; updated integrated ORBAT From UORs to Core Budget: equipping Army 2020 Gaps become evident: CBRN capability to be rebuilt?