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(Many in the 8-bit collective community at least claim they’re pro-sampling.) There’s a difference in this case, though: the tune in question is Creative Commons-licensed.

It’s possible Crystal Castles thought, incorrectly, that that meant "free." However, the CC license used specifically requires attribution, non-commercial use, and that the derivative work be released under the same license — that’s three strikes against Crystal Castles.

That alone has riled some in the hard-core chiptune community.

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This isn’t the first time Creative Commons itself has been under scrutiny.

Virgin Mobile got into trouble when it used Creative Commons-licensed images from Flickr in an ad campaign.

As using sounds produced on unusual 8-bit systems and game consoles grows in popularity, some artists are appropriating the music as their own.

Sometimes, as with Beck, a well-known or better-marketed artist is using lesser-known artists for purposes of novelty.

The GPL license used in open source software has similar stipulations, and neither license means something isn’t protected by copyright law — the maker of something is still the copyright holder, and uses those rights to define the way in which they want their work used and shared.