Royal auditorium ballrooms, huge dinning-room, gilded royal furniture, majestic tiger and deerskins on the walls of a gloomy library of old books, crystal chandeliers, stained glass windows, liveried menservants and doormen, swimming pool in basement, various mementos and old photographs. Mandore : Mandore Before the foundation of Jodhpur was laid, Mandore was the established capital of the old Marwar Kingdom.

Just nine kilometers away, Mandore is a fascinating complex of sprawling gardens, massive cenotaphs, temples, ruins and sculpture.

Not only do they give it a finished look; they provide protection for the foundation, basement, landscaping, driveways, sidewalks and patios.

Osian : Osian Temple An oasis in the desert,situated on the diversion off the main Jodhpur - Bikaner Highway.

A drive to this ancient township takes one past undulating terrain, punctuated by desert stretches and little hamlets.

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Over time foundations can leak and crack from hydrostatic pressure, concrete and asphalt will erode and wood siding and framing material that are exposed to moisture can rot.