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This can be difficult for many men as pornography has damaged their ability to relate to women in a healthy manner.

Hours spent online has also robbed them of the opportunity to go out and learn how to relate to women.

If after doing all this you are still struggling with dating, seek professional help from a therapist who specializes in relationships.

Finally, keep in mind that if being married is your vocation, God already has the perfect women picked out for you.

What excites Mark about dating now is that he knows he has something to offer women that many young men don’t have. Many of his male peers are simply out to use women.


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    im just saying right on because if he wantec to date anybody he would because that is his life and he can do what he want to do wit it so roll out cause muuch as yull say yull luv b2k yull showll be hatin [ Edit | View ] [ Re: J Boog and Kyla Pratt -- Dancinsoldier, 11/17/03 Mon Okay first of all miss i know b2k and i kno j-boog he doesnt have a girlfriend they are just friends second of all i know kyla pratt and she does not even like him she likes other boys and definitly not lil romeo trust me i should know im in the industry and i know all them people so befor you say nething you need to get your facts straight! Im not trying to be mean but i hate when people open up their mouth.

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    Here is a complete history of Khloé's past flings and serious relationships.

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