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Take “What’s New,” the leftmost menu box and your starting point at login.

Below this square, you’ll find a rolling catalog of recent activities, annotating actions like friends you’ve made, games you’ve liked, games you’ve played and so forth.

And I couldn’t do because Sony’s browser told me I needed to connect to the Play Station Network first — your classic catch-22.

You can pitch the camera bar up or down to take in the sweep of a room, depending how high or low you’ve positioned it.

The cameras themselves are 720p — notably lower resolution than Microsoft’s 1080p Xbox One Kinect — and can interact with the Dual Shock 4 controller’s light bar to enhance tracking, say determining where different players are in the same room.

Before we delve into the PS4’s live streaming features, a word about Sony’s new Play Station Camera, which replaces the PS3’s Play Station Eye (not the “Play Station 4 Eye,” because say that phrase out loud).

The PS Camera is a standalone option for $60, a camera bar with dual wide-angle lenses that perches above your TV (or below it) employing a durable, bendable brace — no clipping or sticking involved — to secure itself.

When Sony’s Play Station 4 version 1.50 update went live late Tuesday night, I’m not sure I would’ve been able to pull it down through the system even if I been able to access the Internet.


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