C validating a credit card jennifer love hewitt dating now

If the result is divisible by 10 (meaning result mod 10 equals 0), then the credit card is valid.

Remember not to add up the results themselves, but the digits. This time the digits are added up into a single integer result.

The easiest way to do this is by converting the numbers back to strings. The final step is to add the results from step 2 and step 3.

I use company names below for clarity but I have no private insight or information into their fee structures The Scenario Let’s imagine I’m using a Visa Debit card, issued by a US bank (let’s say Bank of America) to buy $100 of goods from an online retailer. From my perspective, of course, it’s obvious: I’m paying $100!

The Merchant’s Perspective: The Merchant Discount Fee What does the merchant see? Costco have a page on their website that refers small merchants to Elavon for acquiring services. Interchange is the fee that gets paid to whoever straightforward…

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