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Try it: Black Up 2-in-1 Lip Pencil in Jum 04, ; This brown was a favorite because it had a glossy finish that still gave enough coverage.I pumped up the color even more by using a brown liner underneath.This is an ideal summer road trip, and one which will require very little packing.

less More Mesa Beach: This beach is off Highway 101 north of Santa Barbara.

Apparently, to keep the peace, nudists are encouraged to disrobe north of the trail but to leave the south of the trail area for the ...

How can you find something that blends when both my lips are two separate colors in the first place?

My bottom lip is a fleshy pink, while the top is a solid brown.

I see everything from beige to biscuit in the beauty aisle, but there are rarely colors available that match my milk chocolate skin tone (and don't even get me started on sheer stockings...).