Blackberry desktop manager auto signature not updating Live trinidad web cam xxx

As a test, your facebook image should display when you visit the URL in a browser.If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

Thank you for your assistance, Irma By default, the editor will indeed double space the signature.

If you want to add a single space, hold down the Shift key while pressing Enter and it will create a single space.

Do you have both the checkbox to enable HTML signatures enabled as well as are you using a mail client that has HTML emails enabled?

Some mail clients will also block individual parts of the message as well so you will want to ensure that the image is not being removed within the mail client. In Jeff's example, ensure you are replacing "/support/IMAGEURLHERE" with your actual image url from facebook.

The reason you may be getting the error stating that you have an incorrect email address could be due to the After following exactly the procedure i do see my company logo in my signature but IN THE SETTINGS.