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and the manager picked out a couple of things for me to try on. I have always loved to cross dress, and I haven't told anyone yet. I confessed to her as well how I had fantasized on more than oen occasion about being forced to suck...This time, she left the door to the dressing room open and brought the items one at a time. I had just gotten back from school when I remembered no one would be a home until late a night. In the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, my wife expressed that she wanted a special day.

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As it was tied even closer Into my stomach, it maid my chest explode as if it had boobs of its own. true story of forced feminization that is verifiable and proven to be absolutely true. Every day he tells himself that he won't go back, and yet temptation by...

Somewhere there just has to be a real experience of a male bring feminized and transformed into a passable / semi-passable female and made to live as a women and perhaps even made to date men...

It started out as a joke, but then progressed into a life style. As if called by my thought all four girls walked in and silently unlocked my clothes and threw a nightie on the bed. I've always had a soft spot for men in women's clothes. garter belts hose and shoes when l was 10father was deceased and my mother sister was 15 andshe'd dress me up and make do all the housework while dressed in the above. I guess it's a result of my state of mind at the time. store and started looking for a body stocking and a waist cincher, because I was told to do so.

She controls the money and now has indiscrete photos of me, so I am screwed if I choose not to comply. I didn't realized until I got older what forced feminization was. The manager of the store was on duty and helped me pick one out that would work with the cincher, was crotchless, and would allow me to wear nipple clamps without having the fabric in...

I get there and she let's me in a few minutes later she gets a phone call from her best friend to come over to her house that she had gotten her something for her new...


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