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Weather lowdown On average, January is the coldest month of the year for Goa, India.During this month, the average temperature decreases slightly as the month progresses, starting off at 25.5°C at the beginning of the month, created by average highs of 31°C in the middle of the day and average lows of 20°C at night.

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If you're planning to visit during this month, you'll need to pack plenty of light and airy clothing with you to ensure you stay cool, plus swimming gear, suntan lotion, protective hats and sunglasses.

January is one of the driest months of the year for Goa, when the resort receives an average of 0.2mm/0 inches of rainfall divided between one rainy day.

Built over four acres, this hotel provides accommodation in the form of guestrooms and suites.

Each of the guestrooms comes with lagoon or pool views, plus air conditioning, flat-screen TV, balcony and high-speed internet access, whilst the suites boast the same facilities, with separate living area and bedroom.

The highest temperature ever recorded in the resort during this month is 37°C, whilst the lowest temperature ever registered here at this time of year is 14°C.