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Dates in this era are designated Anno Domini (Latin for in the year of the Lord), abbreviated AD, or the secular common era, abbreviated CE.

The year before 1 AD, or 1 CE, is designated 1 Before Christ (BC), or 1 Before the Common Era (BCE), and the year before that is 2 BC/2 BCE, etc.; hence, there was no year 0 AD/0 CE.

As 218 out of every 900 years are leap years, the average (mean) length of this Julian year is A calendar era assigns a cardinal number to each sequential year, using a reference point in the past as the beginning of the era.

Worldwide, the most commonly used calendar era is referenced from the traditional—now believed incorrect—year of the birth of Jesus.

(hṓra) "year, season, period of time" (whence "hour"), Old Church Slavonic jarŭ, and Latin hornus "of this year".


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